About Dana

Author, Noncustodial Mentor, Photographer, Unassisted Birth Advocate, Web Designer; graciously addicted to a messy homeschool life, my three little men, and the endless road. One simple girl, one complicated life. Yet it's a life that I wouldn't trade or change. My story is difficult, emotional, and sometimes unreal, but it's full of miracles, hope, victory, and one incredible God. Join with me on my journey, if you wish. I'm very human, and a woman. Those two things alone tell you everything, and may make you run the other direction. That's okay. Sometimes reality can be harsh. It sure is for me. I do promise, however, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You have been warned.

Extraordinary Grace: The Only Reason I’m Still Alive

Extraordinary Grace: The only reason I’m forgiven and free.. and still alive. If you think that you’re “too messy” to be forgiven, you’re right… and wrong. While you may be messy (like me and the rest of the human race!), God loves that mess and He will pursue that mess until every particle of that mess has been swept up under His arms of grace – where there is safety, comfort, love and freedom.

Face it, we all face things […]

IN-Q: Your Mind State is the Most Powerful of Prisons

“Every moment that we are alive is like a gift, and if that’s not enough to forgive, then what is?” IN-Q

Words – words of intelligence and character, warmth and gentleness; they are my ointment, my healer. They have brought life out of my death, hope out of my despair, love out of my hate, peace out of my anxiety. They have wiped my tears with their soothing touch, squeezed me tight with their embrace of pleasure. They have opened […]

Quotable: Let It Die

“If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live.”
The past will never be what you want it to be. Only the future will. You can’t live through to your future if your focus is on all the days gone. The past only holds you in bondage, never sharing life or light or hope or freedom or possibility. Let it go. Let it die a harsh and immediate death. Return to the now.

Forget what your ex […]

QA: How do I live as a Noncustodial Mom?

It would be easier to say… I just do. But I know that’s not entirely sufficient. For me, those three words hold nine years of numerous failures, forced beginnings and traumatic endings. They hold a heartache deeper than the oceans and higher than the heavens. They hold a desperation, a defiance – a state of mind that often finds no destination. They still grasp tightly to years of memories and visitations denied, years of dishonest accusations and unadulterated, bold-faced lies.

But… they […]

Quotable: Still I Rise

You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies. You may trod me in the very dirt. But still, like dust, I rise.” Maya Angelou

Suicide, Abortion And Grace

Real Talk: I almost aborted this little guy. His pregnancy was very unexpected and even more unwanted. It was either that or suicide. I was sitting at the corner of hopeless and Broadway, at the lowest point of my life. The first five months of his life inside I was miserable, crying daily, hating myself, hating life, hating people, hating God, and ritualistically planning my selfish exit.

Then something happened…

I had a dream the night before his ultrasound. That’s when […]