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Come On In!

It’s peaceful in here. Come rest for a bit in a place of happiness and heart restoration. Nice to meet you! My name’s Dana and I’m a Noncustodial Mama to 2, Single Mama to 1, business owner and homeschooler who is graciously addicted to the endless road and all the risky, joyful adventures of a life lived inside the arms of Grace. I teach Noncustodial Moms (and sometimes Dad’s, too) how to find happiness in the midst of their life-altering circumstances. It takes one to know one, and now you know one who knows

Since you're not alone anymore, won't you please be my neighbor and share this journey with me?

Here Are Some Posts To Get You Started

“We all have a battle to fight. Don’t fight alone. Every time you share your story, a part of you finds healing and yet another part sweetly pushes you into the realm of personal greatness.”


Dana Ross, Author & Speaker – Life Without My Kids & The Noncustodial Project

It is the question of all questions for any noncustodial parent. It burns and churns so desperately deep and violent. As humans we don't want to be forgotten. As parents we don't want to be forgotten. As friends, lovers, partners, high school BFFs - you get it - we simply don't want to be left behind, blotted out or intentionally discarded into the misfit category. It's an intense innate desire; a built in feature of belonging, purpose and justification as to why...

Keeping up with a blog like this requires honesty and surrender, both of which require a depth of discovery that isn't always pleasant. I've neglected the blog, not necessarily on purpose; more so because of ease. I've needed to break myself from the memories, the still present pain, discomfort and inner torment. This isn't a normal life, of that I'm sure you're aware. If you are reading this, yours isn't either, I presume. When I started the blog, I thought I...

I never, absolutely.. NEVER.. think about the day I was branded. There have been occasional drive-by-flashes skip through my memory regarding it, but nothing more. I don't allow myself to purposefully relive the events of that day so I keep it locked securely away. Too much pain held up in that massive expanse of a memory. But Hiding grew tired of my hiding so it forced me out and demanded that I take notice. Curiously, I started to find myself thinking...

If your life is anything like mine, which I assume it is since you're reading this, then there are times when you desperately and absolutely JUST NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO!!!! Amiright? Yes, I am. I know because I battle those feelings. Still. I'm nearing closer to the 10-year mark as a noncustodial mom and the one thing I have needed the most is the one thing we all need the most - a trusted voice of understanding, compassion, and tenderness. There just aren't...

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Bill of Rights for the Noncustodial Mom - It's War Time!

In order to win this war you have to know what you're fighting for.

This copy of "Bill of Rights for the Noncustodial Mom - It's War Time!" will remind you of how important you are in the battle.

Since you're not alone anymore, won't you please be my neighbor and share this journey with me?